Pet Portraits

How beautiful and precious our pets are to us. They enrich our lives and remain in our hearts and memories forever.

If you like animals or going to a museum, you will enjoy the delightful art and the fun adventure of shopping for a Pet Portrait. The art is lovely, the subject endearing.

This directory is meant to make your Pet Portrait search easier, fun and special. Pets are so important to us that each Pet Portrait is invested with emotion, expense and the joyful anticipation of the delight it will bring in the future to all who love and cherish our pets and other animals.

There are so many wonderful websites and artists to choose from. They show their love for animals through their artistic abilities. When animals touch their hearts these talented people express this beautiful sentiment in their own personal and unique way.

Enjoy the adventure and pleasure of searching for the artists who are right for you and your pets and perusing this directory of artists who combine their love of animals with an ability to express it in art. There are many talented artists and their beautiful creations will delight you in your search through these pages. It is a journey into the wonderful world of Pet Portraits.

Pet Portrait artists advise you and welcome discussions with and input from you. You, the client, need only to find who you like, discuss your interest with the artist, commission the work, send appropriate photos, info, details, etc. They will personalize the art for you to incorporate what you want in the portrait. They work hard to satisfy their customers, who so obviously appreciate their efforts.

Modern artists work their magic from good quality photos. Be sure to educate yourself about how to send them good photos. Many artists explain how to do it on their websites. Suitable photos are essential, so please take the advice these artists give about how to take good ones so you can participate in the creation of a lovely keepsake and family heirloom that you, and those who love your pet, can enjoy. Though the artist may be far away, the photos you send can bring you all closer together to create a family treasure to cherish. While location seems to be no problem for the commission of a portrait check out the artist’s location. It may be conveniently nearby, even close enough for a professional photography session.

Artists that emphasize their own personal involvement and invite your participation are truly gifted and special people. They often specifically state how they will work with you, show you the work in progress and guarantee the portrait. They understand how very important this portrait is to you.

Many artists welcome you to review the process and progress of your commissioned portraits. This is a remarkably service oriented attitude and effort to make you a satisfied customer. Frankly, this service is amazing and the warmth and spirit of cooperation is exuberant.

Please be considerate also. Please note the style, size, materials, mediums, colors, etc that the artist uses in their online Galleries and examples of their work. Choose wisely because all these factors affect the final piece. A watercolor is different from an oil painting. Each medium, style, etc gives its own special beauty and charm. What effect do you want to achieve with the art? How do you want your pet represented? Plan where you may put it and where it will fit well in the room. When you find someone you like ask for advice and assistance. This talented person is ready and eager to help you.

These websites introduce you to the artists and their work, informing you about the

many styles, materials, mediums, colors, preferences, experiences, affordability, gift certificates, galleries, testimonials, awards and accolades, press coverage, volunteer, rescue support and humane efforts, fundraising and giving back, blogs, resources, links, advice, customization. Do you know portraitists do artwork other than just paint on canvas such as a portrait on a plate, mug, T-shirt, stationery, cards, sculpture and more?

Advisement: Please give careful consideration to anyone you do business with. Inclusion in this directory does not imply endorsement of any particular site. Each user must determine and confirm that the websites and artists he or she goes to and uses are legitimate, high quality businesses.

Please take care to get the portrait you desire by working with artists who are trustworthy, honest, forthright and talented. They are truly worthy of respect for their skill, enthusiasm and dedication. Because of the appreciation they have for animals, and the special friendship you share with yours, they become like a friend to you and your pet.